A Brief History Of Kastner Pyrotechnics

Our story begins back in 1988 when Ted’s love of fireworks first flourished into a successful business.  We started out as a manufacturer of professional grade display firework shells and special effects.  Over the years we branched our business out to include retail sales of consumer fireworks, operating fireworks displays for most of the communities in SW Wisconsin,  and the distribution of pyrotechnic chemicals and supplies to other businesses and hobbyists.  Ted also designed and built professional shooting equipment such as HDPE mortars and racks for sale to the display fireworks community.

We also learned the ins-and-outs of being a direct importer of fireworks from China.  We learned how to find the best manufacturers to do business with that we could trust to provide us with only the best quality products available from a vast array of factories in a country across the world.  

Our main focus now is primarily with our retail store located in Livingston, Wisconsin.  It is still our goal to find the best fireworks available on the market and offer them at fair prices to you, our customers!    We enjoy helping each and every one of you choose the fireworks that are suitable for your location while working with your budget–large or small.

We value each of you and thank you for your continued support!

kastner family sparklers