200 Gram Multi-Shot Repeating Cakes


Make your firework display spectacular with 200 Gram Cakes, a type of firework that features multi-shot aerial displays for your viewing pleasure. So much better that a single shot, incorporating 200 gram cakes into your event is like pressing your finger on an imaginary repeat button and watching 5, 10, 20, 50, even 100 shots or more firing out one after another in sequence – it’s a repeat treat! 

Two hundred gram cakes are not as big and unwieldy as the 500 gram cakes, the maximum explosive load allowable by law, that are coveted by some guys for their sheer size, yet they are still just as fun! With this type of firework, what you get is basically a mini pre-made firework show that comes in one handy block. Any type of firework cake relies on the user to simply ignite the single fuse and then kick back to take in the choreographed pyrotechnic entertainment. Working a few 200 gram cakes into your event, alone or with other types of fireworks, can definitely feed your need for speed – pop, pop, pop! Unlike single shot fireworks that require human intervention for each repeat, so much time is saved setting up and lighting this type of projectile. 

Perfect for a professional-like display, repeaters take the time and trouble out of setting up a show. Friends and family will be amazed at your talent in creating a spectacle of sparks in the night sky. It can be your little secret that everything was already choreographed into one package. Plus, with the wide range of colors and effects available, aerial repeaters are a verified crowd pleaser – especially suited for New Year’s Eve festivities, Fourth of July jubilees, wedding celebrations and more. You’ll find the fuse on the side of your aerial repeater, once you light it the single fuse burns between the tubes igniting the lifting powder in sequential order.

200 gram cakes are sure to add a little flair and flavor to your next celebration, plus they are easy for pyrotechnic enthusiasts of all abilities to set off.  I like to say they are “a party in a box!”

The effects that launch out of a 200 gram cake can vary in numerous ways – height, angle, color, noise, and other variable design effects – depending on the exact product specifications.  In a 200 gram cake, each repeating shot fired out can be identical or can be unique, it just depends on the product you select. You can find 200 gram cakes ranging from a few shots to more than 100 shots.

When lighting your 200 gram cakes and other fireworks, keep public safety a top priority by following the local laws and stipulations regarding the use of these items in your particular jurisdiction.  Also, for personal safety, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting your fireworks. Always launch your 200 gram cakes from a hard, flat surface --  it is a good idea to secure the base by piling up rocks, bricks or sand around the perimeter, which will prevent it from accidentally toppling over and creating a disaster. Also, to help preserve public safety and your pocket book from fines, remember to follow to local laws in your area for setting off fireworks.  That disclaimer being said, have a bang up time!

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