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Simply put, Roman candles are fireworks fashioned from long, cylinder-shaped tubes that shoot out colored balls along with a shower of sparks into the air. A time-honored favorite when it comes to consumer fireworks, these candles are sure to light up your next event – whether that is a beach bonfire, a Fourth of July celebration or a New Year’s Eve party.

Roman candles come in an array of effects including various colors, noises and special effects such as crackles, tails, changing colors and more. Most roman candles are packed with 10 stars (shots) per firework although there are versions that deviate from this norm with more or less. Roman candles can be bought in sets of various quantity and assortment.

Most folks are tempted to shoot their Roman candles by holding them and pointing skyward. However, in the instance that a Roman candle is bent, crushed or otherwise malfunctions, the stars inside can get jammed and cause the whole thing to blow up through the side. Because of these safety issues, manufacturer and fireworks expert advises consumers to stabilize these explosives on the ground before lighting the fuse. You can stick them into sand, secure in a pile of rocks or even use a tube used for your artillery shells.  

We have a large assortment of roman candles from many manufacturers.  Stay tuned for individual listings!

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