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If your philosophy is “go big or go home,” artillery shell fireworks are just what you need to stay out late and put on a quite a show. Artillery shell fireworks are propelled high into the air from a tube that stays on the ground. This tube is loaded with a pyrotechnic cartridge along with a burst charge and internal time fuse. The result of this assemblage is a sky-bound shell that bursts out into one of many beautiful firework creations.  These shells are basically the same thing being used by the professionals at your city fireworks display – they have just been “shrunk down” for consumers to use safely. 

As far as the size and effect of artillery shells on the market, you can find fireworks to fit every situation and circumstance from a neighborhood party to the town’s Fourth of July celebration. While the artillery shell assortments may be smaller than their professional-use cousins, the various and assorted effects including single, double and triple break special effects will still impress everyone viewing your display!


The tubes that the artillery shells are loaded in can be either single use or reloadable. Single use tubes are pre-packed with the explosive powders and are not safe to use again after igniting.


An assortment pack of artillery shells might come with one tube and 12 cartridges to fire into the sky. Reloadable tubes (mortar tubes) are made of sturdier materials and can be refilled, according to the manufacturer’s directions, with extra firework shells. Depending on the type of artillery shells you are purchasing, tubes are made of cardboard, fiberglass or high density polyethylene. Your artillery shells need to be loaded into your mortar tube with the fuse coming out of the top of the tube.  Always keep all body parts away from the top of the mortar tube!  Then light the fuse and step away and watch as the shells launch high into the sky and burst with loud and colorful effects! 

If you are looking for something more disposable, there are single use artillery shells on the market that are good for just one use.

When lighting your artillery shells and other fireworks, always follow the laws about shooting off fireworks in your specific location that are designed for public safety. Also, for personal safety, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting your artillery shells.  Before lighting your reloadable shells, it is a good idea to brace the tube with dirt, sand, rocks or other substances for stability – or better yet, attach them to a board.  When lighting the fuse, make sure you are not looking down over the tube unless you want a fiery projectile flying into your face. While the tubes that the shells are loaded into can be used again and again, make sure that you don’t allow them to over-heat, (give them a rest) which can allow them to fail!


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