The name given to Sparklers says it all – they really do sparkle! This type of firework has long been a pleaser at parties, weddings, parades and other festive celebrations.  Once lighted, sparklers are designed to give off a fountain of sparks from the burning tip. As the only type of firework that is meant to be held by the user, sparklers are a hands-on way to add some exciting entertainment to any event. 

Sparklers come in several different varieties that revolve around their core composition, length and color. The core of sparklers can be made from either a wooden or bamboo type stick or from a metal core. Because sparklers made with a metal rod do not completely burn away, users must be careful to not touch the red-hot metal – the temperatures can reach over 1000 degrees. Sparklers with a wooden core burn away as the sparkles move down the stick; this reduces the risk of getting burned by red-hot metal but also causes a risk of smoldering ashes falling. 

The length of sparklers is what determines, for the most part, how long they will burn. Available in a range of sizes with 10-inch, 20-inch and 36-inch being the most common, all sparkler fireworks burn from the tip and end a safe distance away from the hand. Ten inch sparklers burn for approximately 45 seconds, 20-inch sparklers for approximately 2 minutes and 36-inch sparklers for about 4 minutes.   If you are planning any photo opportunities using sparklers, it is good to keep these burn times in mind. 

The basic color choice in sparklers is silver or gold. However, you can purchases sparklers in an array of single colors such as red, green and blue or multi-color sparklers that are created with distinct burning phases; for example, 20 seconds may be red sparks, 20 seconds may be gold, and so on. 

If used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, sparklers are typically a safe firework. If children are participating in the fun, adult supervision should be provided. Other precautions to take include always using them outdoors, holding as far away from the body as possible, not standing near flammable materials, and do not touch the hot tip. Also, it is a good idea to dunk your sparklers in water to make sure they are completely extinguished.

We have a large variety of sparklers from many manufacturers.  Stay tuned for individual listings!

7 x Space Flyer
5 x Backyard Blast 9-shot
6 x Medium Plane Flying At Night
3 x Ghost Shell 9-Shot
5 x Artistic Pyro
4 x Bullseye
2 x Friggin Crickets
7 x Cray Cray
4 x Fiesta Americana
6 x 1,000 Orbits
4 x Sky Lanterns
5 x Captain America
5 x Golden Peacock
8 x Addicted To Loud
6 x Peacemaker Flying Spinner
3 x LOL 9-Shot
6 x Daytime Smoke Artilllery shells
4 x Passfire The Movie
3 x Jekyll & Hyde 9-Shot Finale
5 x Sparklers
5 x parachute items
9 x American Muscle
5 x Sky Spiders
5 x 7" Parachute With Flares
3 x Lady Bugs
2 x Daylight Candle - Smoke and Parachutes
7 x 192 Proof
6 x Air Force Fleet
4 x Big Papi
8 x Mammoth Day Parachute
3 x Jumping Jelly Beans
5 x Courtesy Of The Red, White and Blue
12 x 12-Shot Angle Finale Rack
4 x Bad To The Bone
6 x 5 Parachutes With Flags
3 x Parachute 19-shot Red/Green/with Whistle Whirl
4 x Defcon 7-Shot
2 x Addicted
6 x Wing Assortment
3 x 500 Gram Mulit-Shot Repeating Cakes
3 x Double The Fun
3 x Boom Shaka Laka
5 x Fire Genie Fire Pit
4 x Gender Reveal Night Time Assortment It's a Boy!
2 x Double Whammy
2 x Blue Star with Report
6 x Sunflower-Large Plane
3 x Fascinating Cake
3 x TNT Bomb
5 x Confetti Cake
4 x Afternoon Delight Parachute
3 x Country Thunder
1 x Wings & Flying spinners
5 x Seal Team
2 x Double Dealing 9-Shot
3 x Jester's Revenge
4 x 1 500 Gram Mulit-Shot Repeating Cakes Description
3 x Hive Mind
4 x America's Celebration
3 x Jellyfish Aquarium
2 x 750 Shot Missile Battery
5 x Large Plane Flying At Night
9 x All In
10 x Battle Of Bursts
4 x Lightning Fly
2 x Apollo
3 x Cherry Bomber
3 x Galaxy Pack Assortment
4 x 1 Flying spinners/Ground Spinners
4 x Robo Bats
7 x 2-Stage Color Spaceship
3 x Magic Crystals
1 x Hot Thunder King
1 x Hot And Spicy
2 x Boomer Oriental Express
2 x Wonderland
1 x 100 Shot Magical Barrage
1 x Irish Delight
1 x Boomer Wild Geese Rockets
2 x Tailgator
1 x Roadshow
2 x Flirting With Greatness
2 x Desert At Night
1 x 61-Shot Assorted
3 x Festival Balls-Super Color Bursts
1 x Fantastic Four Fountain Assortment
2 x Invincible
5 x Full Contact
3 x 40/16's - Thunderbomb
2 x Black Magic
1 x 25 Carats
2 x Amazing Ballet Mini
5 x Gender Reveal Day Time Assortment It's a Girl!
3 x Gender Reveal Day Time Assortment It's a Boy!
2 x 8 oz. Rocket
3 x Endless Summer
1 x Breaking Bad
1 x Pound Rockets
4 x Rounders
2 x #5 Assorted Effects Single Shot Tube
2 x Single Shot Tubes
4 x Speedballs
4 x Clay Pigeon
4 x Gyro Pyro
3 x B-1 Bomber
3 x Yin Yang
3 x Death Spiral
2 x 192 Proof
2 x Feel The Fire 7-shot
1 x Crazy Crowd 9-Shot
2 x Recluse
1 x Road To America
2 x Wild Cargo 10-Shot
1 x Thunder Rolls 9-Shot
1 x Ring-Ring 9-Shot
1 x Perfect Round 9-shot
3 x Trinity 9-Shot 3" Rack
3 x 4th Of July SkyDive
4 x Parachute Invasion
5 x King Of Pirates
4 x Paratrooper
2 x 1 Parachute Description
4 x Air Cavalry
2 x Parachutes Over America
2 x Parachute Battalion
6 x Single Night Parachute
1 x Victory Celebration
3 x Smoke Parachute
4 x Blue
3 x Club Mix
3 x Bombshell Diamonds-Peach
1 x Bombshell Diamonds-Silver
2 x Beast Quest
3 x Big Mother Clucker
4 x Color Waves
2 x Colors Of Chaos
3 x Big Papi
1 x Bitchin
1 x Blonde Joke
4 x 1 Minute Ride
4 x Angry Pandas
2 x Amazing Ballet
5 x 4th Of July Madness
4 x American Thunder
2 x American Storm
5 x American Steel
2 x American Bongos
1 x Let's Roll
3 x Shark Tornado
1 x Purple Storm
2 x Pandemonium
1 x It's A Boy aerial - Gender Reveal
1 x Firecracker Bomb
2 x Ladyfinger Crackers
2 x Silent Power
1 x Wonderful Moment 16-Shot
1 x Black Spider
1 x Miami Nights
1 x Hot Dog
1 x Cardiac
1 x 10 Ball Thunderstick
1 x 911 Missile Battery
1 x 16-Shot Happy
1 x 6-Minute Smoke Stick
3 x 300 Shot Missile Battery
1 x Death Spiral
4 x Magic Bunny
1 x Black Cat Mini Pearl 12-pack
2 x Deadly Invasion
2 x American Chief Artillery shells
1 x Selfie Moment
1 x Smoke Grenade with Pull-String Igniters
2 x Matrix
2 x Greatest Hits 1" 5-Break Artillery
1 x Top Shelf
1 x 5-Ball Magical Roman Candle
1 x Jail Bait
1 x Jam Packed
1 x A Firecracker Primer
1 x USA Conqueror
1 x Color Cannon - 180 shots
2 x Rip Rock & Roll
1 x Hardcore Rock
1 x 25-Shot Missiles Base
1 x 40/50's - World Class
2 x 4/100's - Red Devil
3 x Breaking The Law
2 x 500 String Firecracker Roll - Black Cat
1 x Waterfall
1 x 750 Shot Missile Battery
1 x Jumping Skier
3 x Brothers Strike-Out Rockets
1 x Double Barrel
1 x Lace Imppulse
1 x Neon Jellyfish
1 x Velociraptor
2 x Trouble
1 x Fat Lady
2 x Unstoppable
1 x Touch Of Gold
1 x 80/16's - World Class
1 x 500 String Of Fire Color Salute - Black Cat
3 x V-Power
3 x Daring Debrah
2 x Wake The Snakes
3 x Wolf Warrior
2 x USA Conqueror
1 x 80/16's Black Cat
1 x 40/16's Black Cat
1 x Sublime
1 x X-Force
2 x Wicked Willows
1 x 100 Shot Missile Base
1 x Super Stunt
1 x Mind Bender
1 x 1 Inch Mini Bomb Artillery Shells
1 x 2-Minute Smoke Stick
1 x Pyro Heaven
3 x Bitchin
1 x 20/100s - Mad Dog
1 x Lion's Den
1 x Black Cat Neon Missile Master Bottle Rockets
1 x Flying Space
1 x Kraken
4 x Wild Mama
2 x Plastic Race Car
2 x Blue Diamonds
1 x Recluse
3 x The Final Storm
3 x Spotlight
2 x Touch Of Gold
2 x Meltdown
2 x Black Cat Three-Peat Rockets
2 x Quicksilver 8-Shot Finale Rack
2 x Jester's Revenge
1 x S.W.A.T
4 x Sudden Impact
2 x Golden Peacock
2 x Hot Shot
3 x Neon Blast
2 x 4 Inch Ice Fountains
2 x Mayhem
2 x 10 Ball Thunderstick
2 x Bottle Rocket - Black Cat
3 x Dragon Fire
3 x Can't Touch This
3 x Bull Ride
2 x 10-Ball Thunder & Lightning Roman Candle
3 x Let It Rip Boys
2 x Captain America
1 x Crazy Like A Fox
3 x Pyro Fest
2 x Living Dead
2 x Thor Missile
2 x Mammoth Peony
2 x First Strike
4 x 2 oz. Fire Dragon Assorted Stick Rockets
2 x Bug Eyed
2 x Louisiana Yard Dog
2 x Into The wild
2 x Rainbow
2 x Martin Bombers
3 x Meteor Storm
2 x Star Charger
2 x RPG
3 x Master Stroke
2 x Death Spiral
3 x Thunder Struck
3 x Mother Of All Bombs 9-Shot 3"
2 x Bursting With Pride
2 x Poppin' Blossoms
3 x Demolition
1 x 1 Rocket Description
1 x Master Blaster 196 Shot Candle
1 x Mammoth Strobe
1 x Pyro Fury
1 x Happy Dinosaur
2 x Dominator
1 x One Bad Mother
1 x One Bad Mother In Law
1 x Gemini Program
1 x Smoke Dragon
1 x Captain America
1 x Mammoth Brocade
2 x 80/16's - Mad Dog
3 x Zeus
1 x Red, White & Blue Salute
1 x Nion Party
1 x Premium Artillery 6-Shots Flashing fireworks
2 x Max XL Bottle Rockets
1 x Pro Ox Canister Artillery shells 12 shots
1 x Grillin and Chillin
1 x Midnight Sun
1 x Sure Bet
1 x Swamp Gator
3 x The Reveal! It's A Boy Fountain
1 x XL-Firecrackers
1 x Zero To Hero
1 x Starry Fall
1 x Rowdy Party
1 x Pink
1 x It's A Girl-aerial - Gender Reveal
2 x Platinum Pink Candle
2 x Gender Reveal Night Time Assortment It's a Girl!
1 x Shocking Pink
1 x The Most Wanted
1 x Sunshine State
1 x Relentless
1 x Can't Touch This
1 x Ghost Rider
1 x Addicted To Loud
1 x Rocket Assault Rocket Assortment-Bagged
1 x Night Stalker Rockets
1 x Combat Vehicle Reloadable Fountain
1 x Pooping Puppy/Dirty Dogs
1 x Novelties, Smoke, Spinners & More!
1 x Red Barron
1 x Giant Ground Bloom Flowers
1 x Confetti Blaster
1 x Novelties-Smoke-Spinners and More!
1 x Novelties-Smoke-Spinners & More!
1 x Pro-Strobe
1 x Diwali Dazzler Assortment S & S
1 x Roman Candle Poly Pack 24-Assorted Candles
1 x Wings Of Fire
1 x Texas Hold'Em 9-Shot
1 x The Most Wanted
1 x Zombie Driver
1 x War Stopper
1 x Trick Shot
1 x To The Extreme
2 x Thunder Canyon
1 x Take Shelter
1 x Let There B Zoom
1 x Game On
1 x Get Ur Motor Runnin
1 x It's A Boy! aerial Gender Reveal
1 x BrouHaHa
1 x Southwest Fiesta
1 x Underwater Fury Fountain Black Cat
1 x Take Cover
1 x Air Blaster Rockets
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