500 Gram Mulit-Shot Repeating Cakes


If you want to take your firework show to the limit, set your sights on some 500 Gram Cakes, the largest allowable grouping of multi-shot repeating aerial displays on the consumer fireworks market today. Basically, a pre-assembled and pre-loaded firework show in one convenient block, these multi-shot cakes just require you to light one fuse and then sit back to watch the choreographed pyrotechnic entertainment at your leisure!  Incorporating 500 gram cakes into your event - alone or with other categories of fireworks, can significantly reduce the amount of time spent setting up your backyard display. 

The exact assortment of effects that fire out of the 500 Gram cakes can differ in many ways – height, angle, color, noise, and other variable design effects. Each sequential shot fired into the air can be exactly the same or they can all be different, it just depends on which 500 gram cakes you pick out. You can find 500 gram cakes ranging from 9-shots up to 36 shots and even more. You can look for “straight-up” shooting, “fan-shape” firing, “zipper” cakes and cakes with a finale sequence at the end.  A true party in a box!

When lighting your 500 gram cakes and other fireworks, keep public safety a top priority by following the local laws and stipulations regarding the use of these items in your particular jurisdiction.  Also, for personal safety, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting your fireworks. Always fire your 500 Gram cakes from a hard, flat surface.  That disclaimer being said, have a bang up time!

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