1 Parachute Description


Parachute fireworks can be narrowed down into two major categories – those for day-time use and those for night-time use. Within each of these categories, you can choose from single shots or multiple shots. For example, a single parachute for daytime use launches a tube into the air where it bursts open at maximum ascent and floats down with the opened parachute – one, two or more chutes depending on how the firework is designed. Some single shot parachutes can be quite large, even with a chute diameter of 40-inches or larger!

A multi-shot parachute to send up during the day is filed with a grouping of tubes that can fill the air with 10, 20 even a 100 different parachutes. The effect of these multi-shots is really neat because it looks like it is “raining” down different colors. Always drawing big claps from the kids, some parachutes also have a colored smoke bomb in the tube that ignites during flight.  Many also have a plastic soldier attached – so the kids will have a toy to remember the firework celebration with.

Unlike daytime parachutes which don’t have any sparkling effects, the night-time varieties typically feature a pyrotechnic composition such as a star or strobe in it. This special effect begins to burn brightly after the firework is launched and begins its descent.

Because children love this kind of firework, a parent needs to supervise every aspect of the process – even including picking up a fallen tube which could still be hot. It is also imperative to follow the laws about shooting off fireworks in your specific jurisdiction, the regulations can vary widely. These laws are designed for your own safety, your loved one’s safety and the general public as well.

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